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3 Posterz Pack – 8x10s!


Some quality, classic itemz from the SloFunkPump graphicz artist — from showz that change the world! FREE SHIPPING IN USA! (fyi, FREE first-tier FUN membership comes with any purchase in the Shop…)



These 3 posterz come on quality, thick 8×10 paper with a glossy print.  There awesome for the kitchen, garage, dorm room, closet — you name it!  You can literally hang these anywhere.  Slo has them above his computer workspace in his garage.  It makes him feel heroic and cartoonish!  For $5, you can have that feeling where ever you need it!  FYI, these can come signed by any member of the Fam if you would like!

Poster #1: The LA 2020 tour.  Slo even put together a narrated playlist on Spotify cuz this was so fun.  The band debuted a song a night from the “Riff” record.  The Pacific was raging.  It was good timez. #epic

Poster #2: The 2020 Sing Out Loud Festival.  In America’s oldest city — St. Augustine — the band rocked the ages.  A really cool venue with arcade games and a packed house.  #ancientrock

Poster #3:  The SloFunkPump Show Official Poster.  #laughriot


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