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Meet the Fun!

(…As told by me, Beer Man of Got Goggz Mag Radio!…)



Fo brings da beat.  He’s sexy as the night is long (if you know what I mean).  Fo got chill like a frothy blubber on a hot, South Florida day.  Fo cuddles Slo after showz (…if Slo needs it…).  Slo often does.



So got da brass.  She got dat drippy bling bling.  She runs headquarterz and keeps Slo on task which is not always easy.  Slo tends to drift into non-musical pursuitz such as spray painting the SloFunkPump logo under highway bridgez and crafting a “purrrfect” cannoli recipe. (… Whatever that means…)



Tabby is da hype man.  He keeps it so real, it’s fantasy.  Nobody’s got stage game like Tabby.  He deejays when Slo needs the spin, but mainly he just puts the PUMP in SloFunkPump! He’s the Rambo to Slo’s Rocky.  Bet.



In SloFunkPump, it ain’t baby that’s all about that bass.  It’s Chef.  He heats up the funk on the skillet and eats it with a fork and a knife.  He’s the guava to Slo’s bacon.  He hosts The SloFunkPump Poddy with me and Slo.  I can fosho say that this mah fah is blap like chappy bing bing.  Nah sah?



I call him the I-talian Hendrix – SloFunkPump!  Slo got the mic and the ‘tar in this rippin’ show.  What if Tony Danza put away the tap shoez and fronted a rock/pop/funk band?  Well, now you know!  The Rocky of Funk!  It’s Slo!  Funk!  Pump!

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