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The Poddy!

Slo + Chef with Beer Man!

I — the Beer Man! — co-host and sponsor the blappest poddy on the face of the boopie with Chef and Slo. Each epi features a new blasta and we get our goonz on about music and derf toppiez. Each epi ends with an impromptu jam of a classic bird from Slo and Chef.

(…Check my webbysite “Got Goggz Mag Radio” at GotGoggz.com if you dare!…It’s a venue-logue that covers the localz at cool spotz and eventz while commenting on culture, life, and art…All with a soundtrack to accompany! #magradio…)

When Were You Last Duned in da Poob? The SloFunkPump Poddy

Fo Dawg blaps with Slo, Cheffy, and Beer Man enjoying blubberz and dippin' on Big Lebowski, Tool, and Jesus beardz!
  1. When Were You Last Duned in da Poob?
  2. What's Your Derfest Set of Scoobz?
  3. What's Your Blappest Pappy?
  4. What's Your Fav Chink of Moo?
  5. Pump at Weimerville
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