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Official SFP Headband!


The all-in-on customizable headband for all your cloth headband needs! FREE SHIPPING IN USA! (fyi, FREE first-tier FUN membership comes with any purchase in the Shop…)



Practical, magical, and tactical! This headband is versatile! Got an 80s-themed party coming up? The fam gonna dance to the SloFunkPump recordz? Gonna do some Rocky type workout? Well, gear up!

Obv, Slo uses this exact band when he performs and often writes a word or two on it that carry some significance.  This white cloth headband comes with a your own message inked in your choice of colored marker written by Slo himself! (…It’s actually one of his fav thingz to do, so no worriez…). Order as many as you like with different messagez!  What do you want to say with a headband? Be the change you want to see in the world!  (…or just get a plain one and do ur own thing…8′)

Long live Jim McMahon!


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