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The “Derf” Muscle Tee!


This is the quintessential, must-have, tee for anyone alive. FREE SHIPPING IN USA! (fyi, FREE first-tier FUN membership comes with any purchase in the Shop…)



This is the creme-de-la-creme of rock t-shirtz.  Right now it only comes in black with the multi-colored Derf design.

It’s a statement.  It’s a vibe.  It’s a lifestyle.  Some will buy and wear the Derf Shirt and never really know how much it means to the world.  To be derf is to be derf.

This design is also from the SloFunkPump designer and it features her ‘nesting doll’ logo.  You get to wear a shirt of Slo wearing the shirt! Wrap that around your head!

The Derf Shirt is made of super high quality cotton blend.  It’s comfy, not too hot to wear.  Perfect tee.  It fits men and ladies well.  Girlz sometimes accessorize.  Slo and the team are working on some in-house accessories too!

Anyhoo, this is a must for a hip closet.


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