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20 oz. Vintage Stadium Cup


All-purpose 20 oz. stadium cup.  FREE SHIPPING IN USA. (fyi, FREE first-tier FUN membership comes with any purchase in the Shop…)



No way!  Slo sent the merch for the Denver tour out to Colorado.  But one box somehow was shipped to South Florida!

So what does that mean?  Vintage 20 ozzy stadium cupz are back on sale!

This thing has a double logo and the dates/venues of the epic tour!  Berthoud still talks of the fire they lit on stage! :))

This cup is legendary!  One currently is featured in our first show’s venue’s Cabinet of Fame!  Sofia drinks from one daily.  Chef uses it to hold his spatulaz!  Fo uses it when he paints!  Etc. Etc.!  Get yours now!

Pour it large and enjoy this ever-lasting classic stadium cup!

Additional information

Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 cm

Yellow with black lettering/logoz.


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