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Live Archive!

This is a sample of the EXCLUSIVE, constantly-updated and curated FUN MEMBERZ ONLY section of the site — live birdz and studio jamz from the annalz of SloFunkPump (…make your own jokez…). Slo and the team also add stuff like BANNED social posts lol, blooperz from the Show, and other shenaniganz! The “Fun Memberz Only” page is downloadable for your convenience as well! The page could even drop excloosy shotz of the band in bikinis! Nobody knows!

Like Slo says, the SloFunkPump train has been rolling for yearz; hop on and kick back. For some of these showz, I may even be in the crowd sipping a blubber or two :)) Cheerz!

(…This content is not available on any streaming service…’Join the Fun’ to get the rest of the itemz for streaming and download…And as the itemz are changed out and updated every so often, realize that — over a year’s time — we’re talking about a lot of exloosy shizit!…Fun membershipz start at just $5…and a first tier membership comes free with any purch in the Shop as well!…)

Day Tripper (Studio — 2005)

At some point circa ’05, Slo made the acquaintance of a dood called Sean. Sean’s mommy had a studio where she recorded spa-type music — you know, the kind with no words and it makes you feel good as you get caressed up and down your bod, except for the naughtiez. Sean was an engineer there and they did well financially. Anyhoo, for a day, Slo and his “band” — which was basically Sean on drumz and Slo’s friend, Jeff. Jeff didn’t really play bass, but rather simply strummed a guitar for fun, playing covers at his own bbq’s. Slo borderline forced him to play bass, buying him an amp and giving him a bass ‘tar. Jeff delivered with some awesome backing vox, and he really stepped up his bass playing to be ready. “Day Tripper” was the gem of the day. The rest were birdz like “Runnin’ Blind” and “Sway” — songz that have since been almost completely re-arranged on Slo’s debut record “Orchestra”. Now, that day, Slo recorded a cover of Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero” that may end up in the Live Archive in the future haha…It’s so effin’ fire! Every time Slo plays it live, fun peepz love it!

Only One (Studio — 2022)

As it has happened, this webbysite is born after Slo and the band did “The SloFunkPump Show”. Rather than simply dump stuff here, Slo thought it would be cool to record something fresh. “Only One” was recorded as the “single” of the webbysite, if you will. It features some sick lead guitar shredded by someone who would prefer to be un-named. Slo strums the acoustic and sings. This is a feel-gooder. I — Beer Man — often listen to it before I lay my head to sleep. And it’s the go-to Slo bird I play for my kidz. Good message.

Flesh + Bone (Berthoud — 2018)

“Flesh and Bone” is one of the most powerful birdz in Slo’s live set. I’ve heard peepz in the audience say stuff like: “That just changed my life!” or “Like whoa!” Slo’s guitar is piercing, especially on this tune. Anyhoo, this is from the epic “Back The Funk Up” Summer tour of 2018. The tour almost didn’t happen. Slo knew a drummer at the time that put the whole tour together — booked the gigz, bought the merch, etc. Then last minute, the doosh bag bailed. Slo actually was filming the rehearsal just to test a new camera and has the entire “break up” on film. The doosher left rehearsal. Then, the bass player who was originally booked called and said he couldn’t make the first gig on the tour; so Slo fired his ass and hasn’t talked to him since. Anyhoo, emergency calls went out and Fo stepped in to save the day on drumz and Nate Ginnetty — who is a singer-songwriter with his own project — graciously agreed to jump in on bass as a favor. Not only was this mini-tour super fun, it cemented Slo, Fo, and Nate as life-long friendz. They rarely meet up without talkin’ about something that happened in Denver 8′)

We’re pretty sure this one was banned due to the focused, energetic, and wholly inappropriate fake jerk performed by Slo. However, banning such fake jerks as a ‘sexual act’ misses the point. Here, Slo is actually using the fake jerk as a metaphor for what music does to inspire him and turn him on. He’s not fake whacking it to Bon Jovi or Beck. He’s fake whacking to the power of rock and pop music to literally move humanity in massive heapz toward sonic ecstacy. Anyhoo — in the full behind-the-scenez spirit of this webbysite — I can report to you that there was an even longer version of this Tik clocking in at about two minutez where Slo really built to the “O”. Thankfully, the social media team banned that one even before Tik banned this one. Slo has more than a few issuez 8′)

Not sure why Slo’s beloved jam on the USA National Anthem got banned from socialz, but hey who really cares? Slo loves football (…and Aussie rulez footy too btw!…) and often sings and plays the Anthem. Obv, he bases his guitar tone on Hendrix’s version and his vocal version on Pavarotti, so this one from the Super Bowl was understated and strong. Slo digs the Stapleton jam and we thought it should live on hurrr 8′)

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