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Epi 1: The Musicianz!

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Def check this first episode of “The SloFunkPump Show”! It’s a trip. Yo, it’s SO funny. I hope to become a character one day! How dope would it be to have Beer Man jesterin’ like a fool!? Anyhoo, My fav is Sofia! She made me laugh so hard I spilled my blubber a few timez!

If you dig the first epi and want to see the rest — (…and find out what “derf” means…) — join the Fun!

The first season is just over 1 hour and 31 minutez fyi! And “The SloFunkPump Christmas Special” (25 min) is also included in Fun membershipz (…Fun membershipz are $5 one-time, $25 one-time for MVP, and $25 recurring for Patron MVP…and FYI, any purchase in the SHOP gets you a beginner $5 one-time Fun membership sent to you…All the deetz are available in the ‘Join the Fun’ page of course…)

Epi 1: “The Musicianz” (18+) — Meet SloFunkPump and the band while two musicianz compete to be part of the big, grand opening show at Jimmy’s Fish House in Hollywood! Let the laughs roll and the music play!

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