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The Poddy!

Slo + Chef with Beer Man!

I — the Beer Man! — co-host and sponsor the blappest poddy on the face of the boopie with Chef and Slo. Each epi features a new blasta and we get our goonz on about music and derf toppiez. Each epi ends with an impromptu jam of a classic bird from Slo and Chef.

(…Check my webbysite “Got Goggz Mag Radio” at GotGoggz.com if you dare!…It’s a venue-logue that covers the localz at cool spotz and eventz while commenting on culture, life, and art…All with a soundtrack to accompany! #magradio…)


(…see descriptionz of each epi below…)

Epi 4 — What’s Your Blappest Pappy? — Bradley Johnson gets his goonz on with Slo, Chef, and Beer Man. Sponsored by Got Goggz Mag Radio, they slap the mack.

Epi 3 — What’s Your Fav Chink of Moo? — Sofia Trompetista — of “The SloFunkPump Show” and ska band Fuakata — joins Chef, Slo, and Beer Man for a soopey doopey blap convo about tourz, da drip and grip, and chuggy buggiez!

Epi 2 — Pump at Weimerville — A missed show turns into a private concert for a graduating senior. Meet the Weimerz as they guide Slo through a set in blap Pennsylvania.

Epi 1 — What Ding Are You Wearing? — Special guest Beer Man from Got Goggz Mag Radio joins Chef and Slo for an in-depth convo on blap topicz!

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