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“The SloFunkPump Show” is an award-winning  sit-com seriez featuring exclusive performancez and top-notch comedy.  Not only that, each epi featurez other cool artistz and performerz.  Season 1 has 4 episodez (1 hour and 16 min); the series has won multiple finalist and official selection awardz, including “The Bob Saget Award for Best in Comedy and Humor” .  Memberz of the SloFunkPump Fun get access to all episodez of the Show, which are released on a regular basis.  FYI, the Show was originally broadcast on a popular streaming service with a 99 percentile in customer engagement and reviewz!  The Show is a certifiable hit!  However, that streaming service was a bitch to work with and they sucked hard.  So, the SloFunkPump webbysite you are now reading was born…Anyhoo, Season 2 is in pre-production.  Oh, and Fun Memberz get excloosy access to the award-winning “SloFunkPump Christmas Special” which keeps on giving every year! #timelessclassic

To become a member of The SloFunkPump community, simply click on the “Join The Fun” button in the webbysite Menu.  Follow the promptz to create your account. You’ll then have access to all the exclusive content and features of the site.  There are 3 typez of membershipz: Fun Memberz ($5 one-time), MVP Fun Memberz ($25 one-time), and Patron MVP Fun Memberz ($25 recurring).  Click the one that fits you best.  FYI,  if you make any purchase in the SHOP, you will be sent a link to create a FREE first-tier Fun Membershp ($5 one time).  You can then upgrade from there if you choose.

The audio playerz on the site allow you to listen to all of the SloFunkPump Live Archive  and Fun Memberz only music, vids, etc.  Simply click on the play button to start listening, and use the controlz to adjust the volume or move up or back.  Right now, the playerz are not syched, so you would prolly need to pause one before starting the next one.  Or, asimply download them all and listen as you like/watch on your own device.  At the bottom right of each player is a clickable option for d-loadz.  For ‘The SloFunkPump Poddy’, linkz are provided to the rss stream for each episode and a new page will open up.  (…FYI, the Poddy is not excloosy to the webbysite, so you can listen on your fav stream service as well  if you’d like…)

The productz in The SloFunkPump Shop are designed and curated by Slo and the band themselvez, with a focus on quality, style, and funkiness. From t-shirtz, stickerz, and beverage itemz to exclusive releasez, every item is guaranteed to make you feel like a true funk aficionado. SloFunkPump wants to be your first stop in beverage item shopping — mugz, cupz, stickerz for cupz, etc.  Slo digs beverage containerz, sipping, and the culture around sipz.  He also dreams of an undergarment line.

We accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal (Regular/Venmo/Paypal Later), Amazon Pay, and major credit/debit cardz.  Simply follow all the promptz as you move through the “Join The Fam” account set up and/or the SHOP cart/checkout process to pick your favorite method.  Realize that your device and/or your device’s settings and installed apps may dictate which optionz appear.  GUARANTEED:  All transactions on the site are secure and encrypted for your protection.

Yes, the SloFunkPump team takes the security of our members’ information very seriously. We use industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect all data on the site, and we never share or sell your personal information.  

While Slo and the band occasionally share snippetz of their personal livez on the site and in “The SloFunkPump Show”, we do not guarantee any specific level of exposure. The site is primarily focused on providing exclusive music, merchandise, and other content related to  SloFunkPump’s unique brand of funk. But, rest assured, you’ll get a healthy dose of nibz; the band is from South Florida — so when in Rome, you know.

Contact hq@slofunkpump.com  for any questions on productz, subscriptionz, returnz, etc.

SloFunkPump sends out top-notch stuff and rarely gets complaints!  But if something is somehow not perf, we will accept returnz up to 30 dayz after delivery.  Just send us an email detailing the issue, and we’ll get back with an addy to send the item back, etc.

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